Children’s Kenpo Classes

We offer Children’s Kenpo Karate classes that are geared for children between the ages of 4 and 12. The classes are very structured and focused on fitness, discipline, listening skills, mental focus, self-defense skills, free sparring and respectful etiquette. In addition to these internal skills the youth classes expose the children to Kenpo Karate self-defense scenarios and skills for protecting themselves in the event they feel they are in danger. Most students find their awareness so heightened that they avoid potential “situations” before they ever are a problem.

The net outcome of their training is REAL self-confidence and respect. The Academy offers a stark contrast to what is commercially available in today’s “quick reward” oriented marketplace. Fun hard work, dedication, respect, loyalty, courtesy, and humility are the calls of each day’s training.

There are no 7-year-old black belts at our school and there never will be. You find things a bit more gentlemanly and focused in our children’s program. We train children for “Life Leadership” and personal confidence through inner and outer strength rather than weekend tournaments. Our parents can be characterized as being adults who demand something MORE for their children than the average Karate Class.

At our Academy, they get it!

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